Single most amazing restaurant in Vancouver?!

topic posted Sun, July 10, 2005 - 7:10 PM by  Hibernating
I may have some visitors coming to town soon, is/are there restaurants that one must go to claim that they have been to Vancouver?

I am trying to think of a place/restaurant/establishment that is characteristic Vancouver.
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  • I suggest you visit, which has a Vancouver/Western Canada forum and a pinned topic on Vancouver's "Bests"...they also answer all sorts of queries for people visiting searching for specific sorts of cuisine.

    I think you'll find that the most-recommended restaurants just now are C, Lumiere, and West, but it all depends what you're looking for and how much you care to spend. Those three chefs (Robert Clarke, Rob Feenie, David Hawksworth) are all among Vancouver's most famous, and they all use local ingredients in some glorious cuisine. There are also restaurants a little less "hot" at the moment, like Bishop's and Raincity Grill, where you will get local, sustainable, fabulous food. I have had great meals at all of those places, but maybe you will want to have some awesome fish and chips on a dock, or a Granville Island-bought picnic in Stanley Park or on the beach. There are so many options, and no excuse to eat a mediocre meal :)

    My personal favourite restaurant is Parkside, Chef Andrey Durbach's intimate room in the West End. Immaculate technique, an affordable winelist, and lovely cocktails. They also have a nice patio, weather permitting.

    I hope you have fun showing your guests around. :)
    • I don't know that I'm the best "reviewer" for the single most amazing restaurant in Vancouver, since I live in Seattle and just visit Van often...but I definitely had the best meal ever at C! Phenomenal pairings of flavors, seafood and fish with a decidedly Japanese influence. Definitely try the sashimi and the saketini, but I think you'll be more than happy with anything on the menu.
  • I can't go for single most amazing, I'm sure there are much higher caliber restaurants in Vancouver over my dining cost comfort range. Two of my favorite spots are a) Curious in Gastown, it's relatively new, has a phenomenal atmosphere and well priced amazing unique fusion cuisine. b) Clubhouse sushi on 2nd, off of main, which is quirky, phenomenally well priced, with a -huge- varied menu of Japanese cuisine and daily specials, I've spotted Bif Naked dining there on more than one occasion. I've heard fabulous things about the Afghan Horseman on broadway and plan to check it out soon.
  • I don't know about "single most amazing" or characteristic of Vancouver (this city is so multi-cultural it's really hard to pick one single thing as "quintessential" Vancouver), but Savory Coast on Robson (they call it West Coast Italian) is really good - I'm going there tonight for Dine Out (Osso Bucco & risotto, here I come!).

    Bravo Bistro in Coal Harbour (on the seawall near Stanley Park) is also good - Moroccan/French.

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